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There are so many places in Springfield to choose from when it comes to massage therapy. Not all massage is created equal or serves the same purpose however. There are so many "Spa" like places to go to for relaxing and pampering but where do you go to if you have issues or pain? It's true, all massage is relaxing but if you are having physical issues, not every massage therapist can help and offer lasting pain relief.

Are you having issues with Range of Motion, Chronic pain, Numbness, Tingling, Difficulty Moving, Pain at night or upon waking, fatigue? Then you need a Massage Theapist who is trained in working on these issues. That is what I do here at White Flower Bodywork & Clinical Aromatherapy. My primary focus for 10yrs has been in learning rehabilitation and pain relief techniques in order to get clients back to living their life pain free. When you come for a treatment, your service will be designed  specifically for YOU, With focus on YOUR problem areas. Many diffrent services may be combined in order to get your body the help it needs and you the relief you need.

I look forward to hearing from you soon & helping to assist you in moving towards the goal of living life and enjoying your activites without pain, with increased flexability and with greater stamina. Until we meet in person, I wish you abundant health & blessings.

Christy Schmidt, LMT



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